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How can you keep your custom design shirts in good condition? Here are a few tips on how you can extend the life of your custom shirts and keep it the same for years together.

_> Before using your new custom shirt, wash it properly so as to make the material soft and remove any chemical from the material
_> Wash the material in lukewarm water. To preserve the color, separate the whites from colored clothes and wash the separately.
_> If you are washing your shirt in a washing machine, use a gentle cycle to preserve the fabric of the shirt.
_> Wash stains immediately before it gets absorbed in the fabric.
_> Give your shirts for laundry instead of dry-cleaning. The chemicals used in dry-cleaning could be harmful to the fabric.
_> Use a deodorant or cologne on your body to avoid antiperspirant stains on your shirt.
_> Use a bleach to make your white shirts look whiter. Do not use starch on dark colored shirts.
_> Iron your custom shirts when it is a little damp to remove all the wrinkles.
_> Use a wooden or plastic hanger to hang your clothes

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