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The one button suit is a less formal version of the tradtional two and three button suit. This suit is worn by party goers and men with jobs that do not require strict formality. One should not consider buying this suit to wear to an interview or typical office situation.Wearing a 1 button suit is not unlike its two button counterpart in that you will still only be buttoning one button on your jacket. However, even with just a casual glance a person can see that their is no second button hole in the jacket.This style jacket provides for a nice look for men with a longer torso. The suit jacket will not look as long or large as one with many buttons adorning the jacket.
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The 2 button suit is the standard executive suit worn by businessmen all over. This type of suit is the number one choice among Americans for all types of events requiring a suit.Two button suit jackets should always be worn with the bottom button left undone. This will allow the wearer to sit down without risking a tear of their button.The 2 button style is usually set lower than the top button of the three button suit, but can be styled more like the 3 button suit at times. This look is a good happy medium for those that want to wear a two button without having to bear so much of their chest.

The 3 button suit is the standard in British style and design. This style jacket gives off a more regal and formal look.It is also much more forgiving to those with less flattering body types. For instance a man with a large belly and small chest will be able to cover both of these areas with the front of his suit jacket.Three button suits are appropriate for all sorts of occasions and can be worn to office and even interview settings. This suit will give the wearer a nice refined look in comparison with its American two button counterpart.