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Choosing a suit color is one of the most overlooked areas in the quest for the perfect suit. This is because many men choose a suit color based on what color they like looking at rather than what color looks best on them or which color is best for the situation.This article will go into skin shades, body types, and even different events that require the use of a suit. Colors discussed in this article are black, blue, brown, gray, and tan.
The black suit is great for both formal and somber events such as funerals, proms, and weddings. This suit looks good on all skin colors and is acceptable for all different body types. However, you will find that this color does have a slimming effect and will look best on larger frames.

The blue suit is best for the office and is the number one interview suit, (also known as the power suit). Men with lighter skin shades will loo\k better in this color than men with darker skin shades. All body types look good in this color but thinner men benefit from it the most.
Wearing a brown suit is useful when you want to separate yourself from the majority without appearing flashy. You can wear this color to the office and to most formal occasions. Men with darker skin look best in this color. Small to large body types can all wear this color

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The gray suit is a staple for any mans wardrobe. This suit comes in varying shades of gray but if you can only buy one make sure it is charcoal gray. Men with medium builds look best in this color. All skin shades look fantastic in this color on any day of the week.

Wearing a tan suit in a colder climate is a bad idea. This suit is reserved for spring and summer events. Medium and slender builds with darker skin skin shades look best in this color suit.