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Precaution should be taken when it comes time to clean your wool garments. To ensure a long life for your clothing, take the following advice to to heart.


Use a professional dry cleaning service – When your clothes are dirty, use the services of a professional dry cleaner. We do not recommend dry cleaning a garment after every use; instead, let the garment hang and air out, and a proper steaming will help breath life into the fabric between dry cleanings.

Store your clothing properly - The natural wool fibers in your garment can be eaten by various insects, and if you store your clothing for long period you want to use insect deterrents. Moth balls are a popular choice, but we recommend looking into cedar, lavender, and other natural repellants. Also, be sure to dry clean before storing to kill any eggs

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Invest in a Clothing Steamer & Suit Brush – two tools which will extend the life your garment by limiting your trips to the dry cleaner. Steamers are much safer to use than irons, as that they do not directly touch the fabric; steam relaxes delicate fibers such as wool, and can even pull out wrinkles in cotton shirts. A suit brush is best used after every wear; it removes small dirt particles and maintains the fabric’s appearance.


Do not wash in a washing machine – wool loses 30% of its strength when soaked in water, making it much more susceptible to damage. This rough process can also alter the shape of the garment.

Do not iron directly or expose to intense heat such as clothing dryer – wool is an organic protein based fiber; exposure to intense heat can cause irreparable damage to the fibers. If the garment needs pressing, take it to a professional.\